Leadership and Embracing the Gray

Meet Shelby, FCC’s Program Services Director

Shelby is a key leader in supporting the prevention and interruption cycles of relationship violence. Shelby is a Baltimore native with an M.S. in Criminal Justice and a Trauma Informed Certification from the University of Baltimore. Shelby is an agent of change – creating more effective systems for victims of domestic violence.

“It’s important to remember that everything isn’t black and white, there are some gray areas. In all of my work, I strive to understand, acknowledge, and honor the gray that exists. It’s within the gray that we can reach folks at our most human level and build the trust necessary to take life changing and life sustaining steps.” – Shelby

How long have you been at FCC? 

I started at FCC as the Program Manager for the New Behaviors/ Abuser Intervention Program in July 2020. Through the last two years the program has grown and transformed to expand how we work with participants and reach the goal of establishing stability across the whole family to prevent future instances of violence.

What is your motivation? 

My motivation for being in the field and leading this program comes from understanding that people are more than what’s on the surface. People have layers to them that inside and outside factors in their lives have contributed to. I understand the importance of keeping that in mind when working with individuals. Stepping into the role of Program Services Director is exciting and I look forward to continuing the work of supporting safe, stable, and thriving families in Baltimore.

I love playing with my dog, Bella, and spending time with my family and friends. When I am not at work you can likely find me bowling or checking out a new coffee shop!