Connect with an Advocate


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Everyone's situation involving domestic abuse or domestic violence is different. Abuse and violence affect the whole family, each in different ways. Connect with an advocate who can help you understand the risks involved and what might be helpful to you in your situation.

  • Do you need to leave your situation quickly? Find out the safe options that are available right away.
  • Are you creating a gradual plan to leave? You can take your time and explore options that will increase safety and stability.
  • Have you begun to recognize abusive patterns? Find ways the whole family can improve safety and develop healthier, more effective patterns.

Connecting with an advocate can often be the best place to start. Call today 410-828-6390.  An advocate can help you understand the risks of your situation, assist you in connecting with resources, and provide information useful in developing a safety plan. We recognize that many families in our community face barriers to accessing resources that lead to safety and well-being.

An advocate can help you navigate complex systems, including police, court, social services, and other community agencies.

You may meet with an advocate one time or receive extended advocacy services. Advocates are available in office by phone and in person as well as at community locations.

Advocates provide the following services:

  • Assessment, including risk assessment
  • Individualized safety planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Connection to resources
  • Court accompaniment to provide support at protective order and other hearings
  • Advocacy in accessing services and protection of victim/survivor rights
  • Information and referral
  • Follow-up outreach and support
  • Mobile advocacy, provided at community-based locations such as court

An advocate will listen to your needs, concerns, and goals and discuss options and resources with you. Knowing that you are not alone and that help is available can be the first step in moving forward towards a safer future.