How to Help a Loved One


How to help a loved one

Seeing a loved one experience challenge and abuse can be difficult. You may be criticizing their partner or pressuring them to leave the relationship. A better way to be present is focus on listening and offering support without advice or judgement.

Consider saying things like:

  • I am concerned for your safety.
  • You do not deserve to be treated this way.
  • There is help available to move forward.

Sometimes a thoughtful question is the most useful way to be helpful. Consider asking:

  • What would a healthier relationship look like?
  • What steps can you take to find safety?
  • How can be a resource to you as you try to think through your next steps?

Offer them available resources like the Baltimore County Domestic Violence Sexual Assault hotline -410-828-6390.

Ask if they want to create a safety plan.

As a friend or family member you can be an important thoughtful resource.  Connect with an advocate who can help you think in stressful situations and build capacity in yourself as a resource. Call 410-285-4357 to connect with an advocate.