Community Engagement & Education

The Family Crisis Center maintains an active role in the community to raise awareness about domestic violence and how it impacts individuals and families. We talk with community groups and partner with a number of agencies to make sure that people are aware of how domestic violence can be a part of the landscape for many individuals and families.

Some of the agencies we partner with include social services and child welfare, schools, health providers, legal services, and other community organizations.

Many communities are concerned about these issues that impact family safety and want to know how to connect people with services. The Family Crisis Center also participates in a number of collaborative efforts, including:

  • Safe Futures Maryland
  • Safe Futures Baltimore County
  • Baltimore County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
  • Baltimore County Continuum of Care Housing Roundtable
  • The Southeast Network
  • The Maryland Coalition Against Violence

We provide cross-sector training for staff so that workers can better recognize and understand how domestic violence risks may be impacting a situation for an individual or family. The Family Crisis Center provides leadership in the prevention of domestic violence.

To schedule a speaker, training, or other event call 410-285-4357